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  1. an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing.

Glam’r Guide was created to build and maintain strong online communities. In its name, Glam’r Guide is defined to be a leader in creating quality content that engage the masses. Founded on the principles of creativity and innovation, Glam’r Guide strives to provide strategic designs and in every aspect of production.

Alyssa Salazar

Founder & Executive Director/Producer

Alyssa has always been passionate about creative production. From a very young age her creative spirt was encouraged. Nurtured from her makeup artist mother, she was able to learn the tips and tricks of makeup at a very early age.

Alyssa’s passion for beauty and fashion lead her to pursue modeling where she was published on an international scale, achieving supermodel status. During this time she was able to strengthen her artistic abilities through close collaboration with creative directors, fashion designers, photographers, and beauty/lifestyle influencers.

A keen eye for visual concepts, a passion for digital content creation, credentials in communication studies, and the knowledge gained from #ModelLife has allowed her to create and manage quality content for Glam’r Guide.

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