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Mulberry Who?


Mulberry Who?

Have you heard of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel? Of course you have! They are monster international luxury brands.. but have you heard about Mulberry England?

Much like Burberry, Mulberry England is a British brand that specializes in luxury leather goods… and no they aren’t related. Mulberry England was founded in 1971, they started off making belts and have incorporated belt making into their signature handbags seen in their Bayswater family, which has some similarities to Hermès’s Kelly.

Mulberry England’s Zipped Bayswater in embossed Croc calf leather from fall 2019 collection

Mulberry England prides themselves in producing high quality, handmade leather goods which are usually made in the UK. They actually dye their leather up to 5x to ensure the integrity of their products. By doing this they able to produce a highly impressive variety of rich colour selections throughout their collections.

A variety of Mulberry England’s small leather goods

But I know what your thinking, if Mulberry England has such great products, why haven’t I heard of them before? And that’s a good observation. It’s because unlike other international luxury brands, Mulberry doesn’t really believe in marketing tactics, they let their products speak for themselves. Also, Mulberry England hasn’t expanded from the UK until about 9 years ago and they didn’t come to Canada until about 6 years ago.

But give it time Mulberry England is still fairly new to the global market and is still adapting to the wants and needs of shopaholics globally. Hopefully their designer, Johnny Cocoa can make it happen for Mulberry and push the brand to become as well known as its competitors.

So, now that your familiar with the brand, do you think Mulberry England is here to stay? Leave a comment and share your ideas.

Written by: Alyssa Salazar

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