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My Blonde Journey

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My Blonde Journey

I want to start by saying, this blonde journey was completely accidental.. and a result of my impatience and stupidity lol.

Spontaneously one Sunday afternoon, I decided I NEEDED highlights. As an artist, I get bored with my appearance and am continually switching it up. Being that it was Sunday, all reputable salons were closed. Did that stop me? Of course not. I went to a mall salon to get my highlights done.


Excited and full of hope, I sit in the stylist’s chair, and I tell her I want to refresh the colour I already had. I even brought a sample clip in hair extensions for her to reference the colour I wanted.

She convinced me that the colour I wanted (chocolate brown) in highlights wouldn’t look good on me. Because she is a hair professional, I trust her expert opinion and continue to let her advise me. She goes on to tell me that ombre would look best. I agree with her, mostly because she was quite convincing and spoke with a lot of passion and confidence.

From this point onwards, my experience at this salon just went downhill. Aside from the receptionist, she was the only one working. So she often left me for long periods while I was processing.

It felt like I was sitting forever until she washed the bleach out.

Once she starts to blow dry my hair, I quickly realize that: It. Was. The. Worst. Dye. Job. I’ve. Ever. Gotten.


The hair disaster...
She didn't even blend the colour.

I went home and cried.

I couldn’t even go into work the next day because it was THAT bad. I had to take the day off to resolve this hair disaster.

I spend the rest of that day googling the best colourists in Toronto. Hoping someone, anyone could salvage my hair.

I book an appointment for the very next day. I had to cut my hair, which hurt my soul because I’ve been trying to grow it – But anyways, I had to do what I had to do.

The first attempt to fix my botched balayage.

I wasn’t happy with this attempt to salvage my hair. Sure, It looked better now… but it was flat, extremely orange looking and unstylish.


I needed to continue to work on this. I couldn’t walk around with lame hair colour. I became obsessed with trying to get my hair to being trendy.


So I sought out another salon. Let’s refer to this as salon #3, this stylist was a lot more knowledgeable, and I felt a lot more confident in her. She started by informing me that if I try to go back to dark hair, the colour will look dull and flat, so going lighter would be in my best interest. To avoid further damage to my hair, she thinned out the ends of my hair. I was hesitant about that part. But I’m no hair EXPERT, so I trusted in her and let her do her thing.

The Second attempt (colour in sunlight)

The colour job she did was really nice. I was really happy with it -but it still wasn’t quite as trendy as I wanted.

So, you guessed it, salon #4.
Now, this was the golden number for me. When I got there, I informed this new stylist that I felt that my hair was not as trendy as Id like. The stylist heard what I had to say and just realllllllyyyy went hard on my colour. SHE MADE ME BLONDE. 100% Platinum blonde.

I was shocked to see myself as a full out blonde, but it was indeed a trendy, beautiful, multi-dimensional blonde. It was perfection.

I was so pleased, I went home and was just living my best life. Though I did notice a few things:

1) my hair too FOREVER to dry now that it was blonde, my hair just soaked up all the water and would not let it go

2) It was super frizzy

3) I had to buy all the specialty products to treat my hair.

It was just SOOOO high-maintenance. I always had to style it because my natural texture was chemically damaged, and when I air dried, it was always frizzy and really quite ugly. I always had to heat style it.

What have I done.

I’ll tell you what I did. I spent over $2000 to mess up the integrity of my hair.

I wanted my old hair back….I still do. Now I’m on a “back to black/brunette journey”

Stay tuned.

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